Join the O'Donohue family and John's close friends for an intimate journey of the landscapes and people that formed him, later to deeply influence the world through his writings. We will return to the mythic lands of the Burren and venture to the pilgrim paths of the Aran Islands, tracing John’s steps and weaving his words throughout our days. From the sacred thresholds of ancient ruined chapels and holy wells to meandering the pastoral green roads, our pilgrimage together will be spent at the ‘Hearth of the Soul’ immersed in the ethereal landscape of County Clare, the ancestral home of the O'Donohue family.

Ireland is an ancient island where many worlds intermingle. For anyone awakening to the spiritual world, a visit to Ireland can be a life-transforming event. It is a land of spirit glimpsing the invisible world. The Irish spiritual tradition trusted the invisible world to harvest the wisdom to guide, shelter and nourish. The eye of the invisible world sees more deeply and clearly than we can. In these frightened and empty times of stress, anxiety, and confusion, we need to turn aside from our crowded lives and become still. We need to learn how to anchor the frenetic self in the tranquility of the invisible world. Then we will begin to discover fresh wells, new landscapes and exciting invitations of transformation of spirit. Forsaken spaces will gradually transform into new pastures. We will find new courage of hope and rekindle that which has grown cold within us. This sacred journey will long linger in the memory of the heart.

"My earliest memories are of the landscape of the Burren in the West of Ireland. The Burren is an ancient kingdom of limestone sculptures carved slowly by rain, wind and time. It is an ancient conversation between the land and the sea."


Our days will be a balanced blend of engaging the mind and body, spirit and soul, looking through the lens John came to know well as a trusted interior companion excavating the themes of Awakening, Transfiguration and Homecoming. Come join us at the edge where there is an ancient conversation between the land and the sea…we look forward to welcoming you!


In order to gather a balanced group of approximately 25 people on the tour, we will be accepting applications until February 15, 2020 and notifying via email by March 1, 2020.

Applications Closed for 2020 Tour

Upon acceptance, additional registration materials and the first payment will be due immediately.

Please contact Ann Cahill with any questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.