There are no words for the deepest things. Words become feeble when mystery visits and prayer moves into silence. In post-modern culture the ceaseless din of chatter has killed our acquaintance with silence. Consequently, we are stressed and anxious. Silence is a fascinating presence. Silence is shy; it is patient and never draws attention to itself. Without the presence of silence, no word could ever be said or heard. Our thoughts constantly call up new words. We become so taken with words that we barely notice the silence, but the silence is always there. The best words are born in the fecund silence that minds the mystery.




Announcing the 2019 Tour

Our warm greetings with appreciation for your interest in John O'Donohue's work and the public events we are hosting.

We are very pleased to draw your attention to John's latest book, Walking in Wonder: Eternal Wisdom for a Modern World. More information can be found:

We were thrilled to welcome 400 international guests to our 2018 O'Donohue Symposium in Ireland! Our next Irish symposium will be in 2020 with announcements coming later this year.

For 2019, we have just announced a week-long Irish tour in September:

Abundant blessings on behalf of the O'Donohue family,

Ann Cahill, MA
Director, John O'Donohue Literary Estate